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“Plate-Spotting Fun (?)” or “I should have known better.”

Hello kids and welcome to another episode of “Yeah, I saw that coming…” with your ever gracious host, Jay Embee!

I am a plate spotter. I like license plates as a hobby. I am a total transit nerd. To back up this point, check out and see just how many “highs” I have.

So I came into work today, which is in Washington, DC doing a high triple digit deployment for an unnamed city agency and an unnamed computer company. I pay my $10, I park my truck in the building lot. As I am heading to the entrance to said building I came across a plate I had never seen before and didn’t stand much of a chance of seeing again. So, as is my want, I took a photograph with my iPhone.

Cut to 30 minutes later.

I am sitting in a users office, transferring data to their new system, when in walks this woman and her assistant.

“I’m looking for Jay?”

“I’m Jay, can I help you?”

“Yes, I am Leslie Meek, I own the truck you were down there taking a picture of…”

I interrupted, “I knew this would happen. I’m a plate spotter and you have a really rare type of license plate on your truck and I took a picture of it.”

I proceeded to show her the photo I took of her license plate and she seemed pleased with that explanation and left after shaking my hand.

Now, I am purposefully leaving out major parts of the story. Why? Well, suspense of course!

The plate wasn’t just any plate, the woman wasn’t just any woman, and her introduction above is incomplete. I will now post her complete introduction followed by the photo I took of the plate.

“Yes, I am Leslie Meek, wife of Congressman Kendrick Meek, I own the truck you were down there taking a picture of…”

UPDATE: I was reading a few Florida plate spotter sites and I have come to realize that Congressman Meek’s truck would carry the Member of Congress plate #17, which corresponds to the district number for the seat he holds. Any other vehicle he has would be eligible to carry Member of Congress tags, and as a result of Florida state law, can carry any designation asked for by the registrant. The plate above, in all its glory, is a “Florida Member of Congress VANITY tag“. Win.

DOUBLE UPDATE!: Thanks to, I have a picture of Congressman Meek’s other license plate, the one with his district designation. See below.


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