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“I thought this site was called ‘TechSPOUT’…” or “Why we do what we do, how we do it”

For starters, this past weekend I attended the North Carolina Regional Technology Conference known as CarolinaCon 2010. I had an AMAZING time. I ran the ham radio special event station at the event and met so many new people. Thanks to the organizers and everyone in attendance. If YOU want to find out more about the event, go to and also head on over to the CarolinaCon forums at and take part!

This week, we will cover something I literally thought of while sitting at my significant other’s nail appointment. (Usual full disclosure notice: I am still there right now. Typing this in the presence of acetone, powdered acrylic and more colors of nail polish than Glenn Beck’s face during a temper tantrum.) I have noticed many people saying “Hey, techSPOUT guy, why the hell is there so much political stuff on there…I thought this site was called ‘techSPOUT’.”

Here’s the explanation. Really easy. There will be a recap. There will NOT be a quiz.

I am a techie, thus the tech.

The rants are a form of spouting off, thus the SPOUT.

I am a techie who is spouting off, thus the techSPOUT.

Get it?

I am a tech, but the spouting will be whatever topic I deem fit for posting. Lately, it’s been primarily politically related, but that doesn’t rule out a technology post, or a post about butter and margarine or any topic I am in the mood to type about.

All of that being said, I lied. Pop quiz.

A. What is Jay? :
B. What does he do? :

Print this page out and write in your answers. Scan them, and send the resulting image to and MAYBE you’ll win something. Only if I feel like it.


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